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Verdada has created an online companion application called VSOS (pronounced VEE-sauce) that integrates with your email, web browser and email address book. The SOS stands for "save, organize and share," and that's what our product enables you to do as you come across products, businesses, people, web content, emails or notes on products you might want to buy, topics you have an interest in cultivating, or travel/going out related activities you want to plan.

Verdada was founded by Steve Lee and Mark Sigal, who between them have been associated with eight startups in the areas of real-time computing, consumer Internet appliances, web services, public Internet access networks and communications infrastructure. We built VSOS after concluding that there's an unmet need for a better way to manage information of interest that's found on the Internet.

What's a "Verdada?"

Verdada is derived from the Spanish word "verdad," which means truth. My Verdada is my own personal online truth. It is the place where I save, organize and share all of the online information that I believe is relevant and trustworthy to topics and activities that I am interested in.

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