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Download the VSOS Beta

VSOS has recently entered its public beta period. This follows a period of several months in which the product was used internally by us and externally by a limited number of trusted friends and industry professionals. Further, during this time the product has received usability, workflow and feature feedback from four out of the leading eight online commerce and content portals. Our purpose in "arm waving" this information to you is not to overplay the state of the product. Like any beta offering, VSOS has both bugs and usability enhancements that will need to be addressed prior to releasing the shipping version of the product. At the same time, VSOS is reflective of a product that has been used actively in the real-world on a daily basis and iterated significantly based on user and partner feedback.

With the above caveats understood, if you would like to participate in the beta, click on the link below, and include your full name and preferred email address. You will receive an automated email that provides you the information you need to get up and running quickly using VSOS.

System Requirements

VSOS requires that the following be installed on your system:

Operating system: Windows 2000 or Windows XP
Web Browser: Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater
Email Software: Microsoft Outlook 2000 or higher
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