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Verdada has created an online companion application called VSOS (pronounced VEE-sauce) that integrates with your email, web browser and email address book. The SOS stands for "save, organize and share," and that's what our product enables you to do as you come across products, businesses, people, web content, emails or notes on products you might want to buy, topics you have an interest in cultivating, or travel/going out related activities you want to plan.

Quickest Way To Get Up And Running...

The following is the quickest way to get up and running quickly using VSOS:

Step 1: Download VSOS ( Once downloaded, click on the installer and VSOS will do the rest (note: you must have Microsoft IE, Outlook 2000/2002 and Windows 2000/XP installed).

Step 2: View the VSOS online tutorial. Click the help button () in either IE or Outlook, and choose the "View the VSOS online tutorial" option (for optimal viewing, click on the “Full Screen Slide Show” option in the lower right hand corner of your browser once the tutorial launches).

Step 3: Save favorite web content. Find an article, review, recipe, or posting of interest. Click the Save button (), and a saved content icon () confirms that the content has been saved. Click the Organize button () to access the saved content item. Saving email content works similarly.

Step 4: Share web content. From any web page or from any previously saved content within VSOS (accessed by clicking the Organize button), click the Share button (). Any shared content is automatically saved by VSOS, saving you a step.

Step 5: Search for and save products referenced in articles. To see how this feature works, visit:, and scroll your mouse over the product name iQue. Click the Search button () on the toolbar. When you see the product in the Product Search window, save it by clicking the Save button. Now, click on the Organize button, and double-click on the product listing to open it. With the product listing open, click the drop down area on the Organize button on the product listing, and choose View associations. VSOS has saved the article that led you to search for this product. This feature works similarly with emails.

Other features include: saving of business listings, importing of your Amazon Wish List, creation of sticky notes, organization of content items into lists, sharing of lists, etc. Clicking on the VSOS help button accesses the how-to of all of these features.

Troubleshooting tip: After installation, if the VSOS toolbar is not visible when you launch IE, right click on the IE toolbar section, and un-click the option called VSOS. Then re-click it to manually enable the toolbar.

Good luck!

The Verdada Team

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